For this season -per questa stagione


For this season we will offer two new tours.

Per questa stagione offriamo due nuove gite.

Tälle kaudelle kaksi uutta kierrosta.



One is Helsinki by sea : a nice three hour´s walk along Helsinki seacoast with the history of Helsinki.

uno e  il lungomare di Helsinki: una bellisima camminata sul lungomare di Helsinki storie e racconti.

Merellinen Helsinki : kolmen tunnin kävely rantareittiä Helsingin historian kanssa


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The other is Finnsh natural gym: a walk in nature with diffrerent traditional  exercises.

L´altra e palestra naturale Finlandese: camminata nella natura con esercici traditionali


Here is our frend to test this product, which contains: throwing, walking, lifting and who knows…

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